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Here are some recommendations based on ratings by our users. As you rate songs these selections will be updated to include music that you haven't rated, which people with similar tastes liked. After you have rated a song it will disappear from this list. If you rated it a 4 or 5 you can find it in your favorites section.
Artist NameSong Name
No Use For A NameSitting Duck
One DropThree Four Reggae
LagwagonA Feedbag of Truckstop Poetry
One DropRudy
Small Brown BikeTrains All
One DropThe Bloodshed
LagwagonFalling Apart
Strike AnywhereTo The World
Small Brown BikeHide Away
Jets OverheadAddiction
One DropRudy Dub
One DropSomeday
Warsaw PackWolfblitzer
Greg MacphersonCutting Room
Dark Blue WorldDark Blue World
GFKThe End of Our Contribution To Modern Slavery
Quo VadisBreak the Cycle
The McGillicuddysThousands Are Sailing (Bonus Pogues Cover)
One DropLook The Other Way
RainbowManeater "Live" 1986
Jerk With A BombFine Health is At Home
Warsaw PackAttention To Deficit
ManitarioPut Down Your Gun's
Mad CaddiesSomething's Wrong at the Playground
Chad VangaalenSomewhere I Know There is Nothing
Zipper - VictoriaCan't Turn You Loose "Live @ Harpos" 1979
The SensitonesChemainus Girls
Jon and RoyBrookers Song
Counting Heartbeatsbird of prey matinee
Everybody LeftDown to Ride
SpectrelightLines And Colors
John Doheny ProjectStrollin ,Take Two.
Dark Blue Worldnightface
Bill Pinkney's Original DriftersVaya Con Dios
QuintessenceQuintessence Demo
Spaceport UnionWriting's On the Wall
AnonymusLa Patates
Terry BrennanPrivate Eye
Alan GBowlsong
Mad CaddiesMary Melody
Jon and RoyCuban Bee
Double digitLook at Me
Echo NebraskaHey, Allison
The DesksCabinet Pin theme song
The Painted BirdsColleen
Riff Raff-VictoriaSHE FADES AWAY
Jim MoffattWorkin HardLookin 4 Work Workin Nowhere blues
Bobby FauldsBobby Hanna "Thanks To You" 1968
The BloodwarmersAnything Goes
Kids These DaysThe Captain
Tequila Mockingbird OrchestraLa Puta Gravacion
ManitarioCool Out
Kids These DaysIntoxicated
One DropOne in A Million
NOFXIdiots are Taking Over
Alan GJunglethump
Ape WarAlberta Report
Spaceport UnionFueled by Consequence
The R.A.D.I.O.Interesting Times
Tom MiddletonIt Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference 1973
RainbowHello Texas "Live" 1986
PropagandhiDie Jugend Marschiert
One DropBoth To Blame
Man ManBlack Mission Goggles
Parlour StepsAs The World Turned Out
Lightning ExpressPlay That Funky Music "Live" 1975
Zipper - VictoriaFooled Around "Live @ Harpos" 1979
Anna Acevedo LymanMisty
HotfootTrain Kept A Rollin "Live" 1979
Rise AgainstHeaven Knows
The WeakerthansWatermark
Sinister BlackFat Head Swine
Big Red SunBreakdown
Jeffery SezPlastic And Pills
Hot Club of MarsGypsy Fire sample medley
The EvaporatorsYou Got Me Into This, Now You Get Me Out!
The BinzTrouble on the Horizon
CFAX 1070 AMRemember When with Len Siemens December 3, 2006
One DropKill For Your Flag
SkardSave Me
Victoria Doukhobor ChoirElizabeta
Winter Of FreedomFALL DOWN
New Orleans Ale StarsDizzy Atmosphere
Los RastrillosTiempo de Hibridos
Malahat 1979Frisco 1979
One DropNever Rest
Break The LabeLBeneath It All
The Revolucionary Cyborg Wedding Band Mobile UnitDemocracy for Dinosaurs
Steel BeachThe Hunted
OxenTears of Darkness - EP Promo